Upcoming Events

Weekly Events

Every Sabbath
• Sabbath School - 9:45am
• Worship Service - 11am
• Fellowship meal - 12pm
• Pathfinder/Adventurer -  2pm
1st & 3rd Sabbath with Priscilla
• Bible Study - 2:30pm
• Love on the Street
Joseph, Melina, Nicolas, & Elizabeth
• Character of God - 6pm
Online Bible Study with Renee
• Discover the Bible - 7:41pm
Online Bible Study with Pastor Don
• 28 Fundamentals - 7pm
Bible Study with Joseph & Melina
• Men's Group - 7pm
In-person at White Rock Church
• Prayer Connect - 7:30pm
In-person with Patrick
• Women's Bible Study - 3pm
In-person with Wendy
Why White Rock Church?
“White Rock SDA Church is unlike any church I've attended. This congregation feels and behaves more like a family than an organization. They are warm, welcoming, and inclusive. They love Jesus Christ and studying the Bible.”
“What makes White Rock special to me is the warmth and caring of the people. The love of Jesus is felt there! People always eager to help each other out. I love how this church community reaches out to welcome all.”
“I love that people like to hang out and engage with one another. I love that people seem to be really wanting to grow in their faith.”