Our Ministries

40 Days of Prayer

Jan 7 - Feb 17

During our 40-day prayer journey, choose a prayer partner and meet daily in your preferred way. Together, pick five focus areas or people for prayer. Include White Rock Church, its community, the B.C. Conference, and leaders at national and global levels in your prayers.Download the Daily Prayer Plan

Pathfinder & Adventurer Club

1st & 3rd Sabbath of the month - See Priscilla

Our Pathfinder and Adventurer Club have awesome activities for everyone! From games and outdoor fun to exploring nature and helping our community, there's so much excitement. Pathfinders is for ages 10-15, and the Adventurer program is just right for ages 4-9. Join the fun!Email to learn more

Green Gourmet Supper Club

Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Our health ministry promotes overall well-being and provides resources and support through programs like the Green Gourmet Supper Club, a monthly vegan cooking experience. Attendees canparticipate in cooking demos, hear testimonials and win prizes.RSVP Today

Call to Prayer - It Is Written Canada

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It was an extraordinary week of prayer and fasting dedicated to our children’s spiritual revival. God has not given up on them, and neither should we. Together, we can bring our children back to the loving embrace of God.

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Dr. Steven Pelech - Natural Immunity

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Dr. Steven Pelech addresses SARS-CoV-2 risks, COVID-19 genetic vaccine immunity vs. natural immunity, basic immunology, vaccine mechanisms, effects on natural immunity, and COVID-19's impact on adults and children.

Watch Dr. Pelech's Presentation

Vacation Bible School - Fiercely Faithful

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A big thank you to the wonderful kids, participants, and volunteers who made our Vacation Bible School at White Rock Adventist Church truly special! Over 5 exciting days, we explored Ruth and Naomi's journey and discovered the unwavering faithfulness of God's promises.

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Love on the Street

See Joseph, Melina, Elizabeth & Nicolas

Love on the Street is a dynamic ministry that happens on Sunday's in different street locations across Vancouver's Mainland. Our purpose is simple: to spread the love of Jesus by sharing the Gospel and teachings from the Bible with those who are on a journey to discover the truth. We'd be thrilled to have your support as we carry out this meaningful mission.

Prayer Connect

See Patrick

Our main focus is to uplift those in need through heartfelt prayer. Our Zoom gatherings typically consist of a cozy group of three to seven participants. Sometimes, we even dive into studying the Word after our prayer session. While it's a rare occurrence, there are times when our Zoom call extends for a few hours. We're here to support and grow together in faith!

Faith Walker

See Ivan, Heidi or Gwenda

Faith Walker is a faith-based ministry that promotes health and community through monthly walking challenges and celebratory gatherings. We strive to strengthen our community while sharing our faith with others.

Faithful Fasting Club

See Nicolas

Like having a prayer partner, The Faithful Fasting Club have you team up two by two. Both united in applying discipline in your life for the glory of God's kingdom and be ready for the time of trouble when this discipline in fasting will become instrumental in winning the battle. We are called to get prepared and we can all use  a partner to grow in strength together and be ready to face the future with assurance and faith.

Why White Rock Church?
“White Rock SDA Church is unlike any church I've attended. This congregation feels and behaves more like a family than an organization. They are warm, welcoming, and inclusive. They love Jesus Christ and studying the Bible.”
“What makes White Rock special to me is the warmth and caring of the people. The love of Jesus is felt there! People always eager to help each other out. I love how this church community reaches out to welcome all.”
“I love that people like to hang out and engage with one another. I love that people seem to be really wanting to grow in their faith.”